Ed Sheeran Quits Social Media To ‘See The World With My Eyes’, Not A Screen

A couple of days ago, Ed Sheeran took part in one of those harmless, feel-good pranks. Unsuspecting passers-by were lured into a dingy ‘peep-show’ only to be sprung by short serenades from the English singer. Good joke. Everybody laugh.

One thing was worth noticing, though: a fair few prankees, when put in the same room as the British balladeer, immediately whipped out their phones as opposed to watching with their own eyes. For better or worse, we’re a snap-happy lot, and it is a pretty natural inclination to share a moment like that. 

Sheeran himself, though, is bowing out of the whole social media scene for a little while. He recently announced his sabbatical on Instagram. Of course.

Please read x

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It’s a suitably charming and unpretentious message from the dude, and it’s a far cry from the DELETE EVERYTHING SO THEY WILL NOTICE MY ABSENCE approach favoured by some others. Fortunately for you Sheeran Stans out there, the post also points towards a possible Spring release date on his new album, so feel free to get hyped about that in his internet absence.

Meanwhile, you do you, Ed. 

Story: NME.
Photo: Instagram / Glenn Hunt / Getty.