Ed Sheeran Once Smashed Justin Bieber In The Face With A Golf Club

Wherever Ed Sheeran goes, bizarre facial injuries will follow.
Last year, we learned that the singer himself copped a sword to the cheek when Princess Beatrice attempted to knight him with a ceremonial sword and ended up giving him a nasty-looking gash instead.  
In an interview this week with GQ, Sheeran revealed that he once managed to whack his mate Justin Bieber in the face with a golf club while the two were travelling in Japan.
Ed was comprehensively smashed after hitting up a dive bar, then things turned pear-shaped after the two of them hit up a golf course. As he explained:

“He just drank water and I got hammered. Then we went to a golf course, and he lay on the floor and put a golf ball in his mouth and told me to hit it out of his mouth. I was like, ‘Fuck, I need to aim this properly,’ and I swung. And you know in films when someone gets punched, and you hear that fake sound, like a slap? But in real life when someone gets punched, you hear that dull thud, a bit sickening? I heard a sound like the last one, and saw his security guard looking at me. I’d cracked Justin Bieber right in the cheek with a golf club. That was one of those ‘What the fuck?’ moments.”

Well-played, mate.

Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty.