Nothing warms my heart more than seeing two good Brissy boys (and touring guitarist Lachlan Ewbank) rip shit up, except maybe seeing the very same but with the baffling and delightful addition of the former red Wiggle, Murray Cook.

I don’t think I will ever fully understand the steps involved in getting a beloved children’s entertainer to perform in a music video for a band that I used to go see partially just to get the shit kicked out of at (one time someone let off an emergency flare in the crowd at the Zoo, it was a ~time~), but I am so, so glad it did take place.

Watch as Murray effervescently hot potatoes his way through some backstage corridors and straight into heart to the tune of their latest single Like People. What a legend:

Their new record Bloody Lovely is out now and it fucking kicks ass, but that’s just this punter’s take.

Image: YouTube