Dune Rats Won A Bet With Young Henrys & Got Their Own Beer Out Of It

If you make a beer-related promise to Australia’s premier punk rock sons Dune Rats, then MATE… you better have the balls to follow through with it.

Luckily for anyone who loves a froth, the upstanding gentlemen behind Sydney-based craft brewers Young Henrys have done just that, promising the Brissie lads their own brand of beer if they took out the number one spot on the ARIA charts (which, they bloody well did) and have stepped up to the plate and delivered this: The Dunies Lager. *kisses fingers like Italian pizza chef*
That sound you can hear right now is a thousand “yeeeeeeeeews” reverberating around the country.
Speaking of the utterly genius collab, the Dunies lads said “we set out to make the coldest beer in the world, so with Young Henrys scientists, we have developed the world’s coldest beer. Even when it’s warm, it’s cold! When it’s a day for it, crack open an ice cold Dunies Lager”
Avail for purchase (and inevitable pouring into filthy shoes for your consumptive pleasure) soon, Dunies Lager comes in 6-packs of 330mL tinnies for around $25 bucks, as well as single cans as well as gushing out some taps (!) at selective venues around this big brown land of ours. 
As for the taste? Well it’s been described as “a slightly hazy, summer smasher of a beer with a full blown dank hop nose and flavour, courtesy of some late addition hop hash.”
Also, if you missed it in the image above, the alcohol percent is 4.20%.
The glorious new Dune Rats branded piss will be getting its debut this Sunday at Cliffdive in Sydney (there’s a handful of spots left on the door if you get there for 7pm open btw) and will then be joining the guys on tour from March 11. Full dates here.

Photo: Facebook / Dune Rats.