Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa’s New Tune Is Blowing The Internet’s Mind

Here’s something to kick off your weekend. Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa have just released a song called One Kiss and you bet you’ll be addicted to it in a hot second. No really, I’m on my second listen and complete losing it.

The two powerhouses took to their social media to announce the track with Dua posting, “I hope this makes you wanna dance till your heart’s content xxx.” 

It will Dua, it will.

Here’s the banger if you haven’t heard it already.

Calvin’s great in his own special ways and has produced multiple amazing songs like How Deep Is Your Love, This Is What You Came For, and Slide but everyone’s suffering from a little Dua Lipa fever right now so one moment Calvin.

The Youtube singer turned professional badass released her self-titled album last year and completely blew up internationally. Her first single, Be The One went platinum in Australia, Italy, and Belgium and went full-on gold in Germany. 

Dua related to all our heartbreak and IDGAF vibes and is now considered to be a bloody beacon of light for self-empowerment and we love her heaps for it.

Back to Calvin, the song is giving major 90s vibes to a lotta people and is a definite example of his insane ability to always produce quality house music, not that anybody’s surprised.

So the lyrics that’ll get stuck in your head pretty soon are,

“One kiss is all it takes, 
Falling in love with me, 
I look like all you need.”

Once more,

Some of the replies on Dua’s twitter post.

And to more fans on twitter.

This total domination… or Snapchat trying to be cool again.

One Kiss is available on just about everything, peep Calvin’s post to start pres off the way right.

Now, just imagine the music video.

Happy Fridayfriends.