Look, I don’t pretend to know how celebs live their lives. I’ve never pretended to know. Do all of them hang out all the time? Are there secret restaurants, bars and cinemas just for celebs, for celebs to hang out in with other celebs? I don’t have evidence to suggest if that is or is not the case.

They do tend to exclusively hang out with and date other celebs, though, which I guess makes sense, since I personally only hang out with people who aren’t famous. 

While this is probably good for things like both being able to complain about autograph hounds and having similarly-sized mansions, it does produce some very, very weird pairings.

If you’d asked me 10 years ago if I could have pictured Drake and J-Lo dating, I would have said “Who’s Drake?” If you’d asked me two years ago, I would have said “That seems extremely zany.

Well, guess what, fools. It looks like it’s real. 

Rumours have been flying around for weeks that the pair have been (as the kids say) going out, and also that Rihanna is not happy about it, but it seems to have finally have been confirmed, in the most Drake fashion possible: a softly lit picture of the two cuddling, that they both posted to their accounts at the same time:

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And again:

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Celebs: what will they do next? More stuff like this, probably.

Photo: Instagram.