Download Girl Talk’s New Album

Good news party people: mash-up master Gregg Gillis (better known as Girl Talk) has released the follow-up to 2008’s party jam monster Feed The Animals. Even better news? New LP’s called All Day, his fifth, and it’s available for free download now via his label Illegal Act.

If that sounds sketchy law-abiding citizen, breathe easy. Despite the felonious connotations, this thing is perfectly legit and won’t result in any weird, internet legal troubles. Phew. As ever, the guy doesn’t discriminate. Featuring 373 overlapping samples by an assortment of artists – Ice Cube to Neil Diamond, The Stones to Black Sabbath, N.W.A to Belinda goddamn Carlisle – Gillis combines the memorable riffs of yore with sludgy hip hop beats to create a startlingly accurate tableau of modern pop music. The album works in usual style, as one cohesive whole, but to better accommodate your downloading needs, it is available not only in its entirety, but track-by-track also. Ahh the luxury of choice.

Check the complete list of featured artists here, or head straight to Illegal Act to claim your prize.

By Melissa Kenny