With an intro reminiscent of VangelisBlade Runner score, Don’t Hold Back is a smirking celebration of the electronic, each impeccable track made up of synths, a drum machine, a pitch bender and just enough slap bass to keep it cool (i.e., a shitload of slap bass). According to his own self mythology, the titular first single is inspired by motivational speaker Anthony Robbins, and was written in a Las Vegas Greyhound terminal early one morning. Beneath the ’80s exercise montage theme, ‘Don’t Leave Me Stranded’ shows a more sensitive side, while ‘Tropical Fever’ could improve any Mastersystem game (mostly that ’90s LA hangliding one my bro and I hired out from the video store in ’97, but now that I think about it it may have been for Megadrive instead).
Allegedly the son of ‘Italian disco accordionist Antonio Giacomelli Benét‘ (bit of fun: google that name to see how many publications didn’t bother to google that name), Benet already has a reputation for fantastic live gigs, proven in his recent Warpaint supports.
Also, the deluxe edition of the album has a bonus karaoke DVD, which is pretty much a certificate of awesomticity. Party. Check out the Tim and Eric-style ‘Don’t Hold Back’ video below, directed by Rice Is Nice labelmate SPOD.
Sydney – Good God Friday August 12th
With Kirin J Callinan & Collarbones
Melbourne – Workers Club Saturday August 13th
With Mark Barrage & Electric Smile Ban