Multi-hyphenate talent Donald Glover has unleashed a batch of new music, including tunes with Ariana Grande, SZA, and 21 Savage. In even better news, you can listen to those tracks right now.


Glover, whose work as Childish Gambino has scooped Grammy Awards and fostered feverish devotion, appears to have debuted his new project at the website

Rolling Stone reports the site plays a twelve-track mix on repeat, including 2018 hit Feels Like Summer and a stack of previously unheard material.

Clips recorded from the site and re-uploaded on social media showcase Glover sharing tracks with Grande et al, lending to the legitimacy of the project. It’s definitely new Glover.

But it’s not all good news. At time of writing, the site is down, and it’s not immediately clear whether that was a deliberate decision – or if fans simply overwhelmed the page with their traffic.

The project is not yet on major streaming services (and we haven’t seen anything about physical media, either). Earlier, Glover’s manager, Fam Rothstein, retweeted a link to the site. That tweet has now been deleted, which is unusual behaviour for a manager consciously trying to spruik his client’s new tunes.

Feel free to continue F5-ing the website to your heart’s content. If that doesn’t work, here are some low-quality grabs for you to shove into your earholes until Glover explains exactly what’s going on:

Image: Paras Griffin / VMN18 / Getty Images for BET