In the before time, in the long long ago, Donald Glover was just your standard nerd kid, much like most of us were or are at one point in our lives.

Unlike most of us, however, Glover just-so-happened to get insanely famous in his later years. And unlike most of us, he apparently also has a permanent record of his halcyon days in the form of a Beastie Boys concert film.

In 2004, the legendary hip hop trio – renowned for their experimental filmed output – held a concert at New York’s Madison Square Garden where they handed a camcorders to 50 people in the crowd and instructed them to film the entire show, no matter where they went in the arena.

The result was the quite remarkable concert film Awesome! I Fuckin’ Shot That!: An entire Beastie Boys headlining set from the point of view of 50 different people.

The film covers people as they watch from the floor, the stands, the nosebleeds, and follows them as they go to concession stands to buy beer and food, and even (in one instance) to the loo for a slash.

Among the ocean of footage that wound up in the final cut was, would you believe, a very brief shot of a young Donald Glover rapping along to Three MCs & One DJ in the stands.

Reddit unearthed the clip of Glover, which was uploaded to YouTube a few years back but surfaced again today, who at the time was a 21-year-old NYU student who was still a solid couple of years away from landing the writing gig on 30 Rock that shot him into the public spotlight.

There you bloody well go. Donald Glover was once a big nerd just like you and me. An insanely talented big nerd whose face was immortalised in a critically acclaimed Beastie Boys concert film. But a big nerd nonetheless.

How about it.

Image: Getty Images / Rich Fury