All the walls of the world are canvases. And all the men and women merely players getting in the way: They have their exits and their entrances; and one man ahead of his time, Kanye West, plays many parts. 

Here we see West, newly-minted Father and Impatient Boulangerie Patron, play the roles of both Mary Harron and God alike in a preview of his Kardashian-themed appropriation of American Psycho, starring his baby-daddy-brother-in-law Lord Scott Disick (below, right) as Christian Bale (below, left) and Kimberley’s BFF Jonathan Cheban as Jared Leto’s character from Harron’s adaptation’s hilariously unnerving Huey Lewis slaughter scene.

Do You Like Kanye West’s Kardashian-Themed Adaptation of ‘American Psycho’?

The clip, projected here onto a wall in Los Angeles overnight during a Yeezus listening party which Kanye supposedly bailed on while Kim was krowning, sounds like a precursor to a music video for ‘New Slaves,’ the intro to which you can hear towards the end. 

Apparently, West originally wanted James Franco for the role of Patrick Bateman. 

Imagine that.

via Pitchfork