DMAs Give Us A Track-By-Track Rundown Of Their Debut EP

DMA’s are three lads (Johnny Took, Matt Mason and Tommy O’) making nostalgia-infused, 90s inflected garage pop and considerable waves alike on the back of their first two singles ‘Delete’ and ‘Feels Like 37’, both of which earned them a deal with I OH YOU‘next big thing’ accolades and more buzz than Newtown’s most promising exports, those water buffaloes that went rogue on King Street on Monday – all of which was made all the more formidable for their never having played a gig. 

That’s all about to change today with the release of their eponymous debut EP, as well as a free show tonight at Deus Ex Machina in Camperdown (doors open at 8pm).

To mark the occasion, the band gave us a track-by-track rundown of ‘DMA’s’, which has already reached #1 on the ‘alt’ iTunes album charts, and #10 on iTunes overall. Not too shabby, especially considering how impressive those water buffalo were.


Johnny was jamming out a song that he had been working on for another project. Tommy was watching TV in the living room and started singing his own melody over the top of the same chords and knew the vibe was there. Originally recorded in a lower key, the lads discovered the importance of discovering the right key and chord phrasing for impact and intensity… it’s a real thing. ‘Feels Like 37’ is a reference to our house number – feels like home.


This song was a folk tune found on Johnny’s solo EP from about four years ago. Tommy played drums on the track and stated that he always liked the tune. In the recording process guitarist Paddy Harrowsmith wrote the riff and ‘anti’ guitar solo on the spot.


‘Play It Out’ was one of the first songs that was recorded. Friend Tom Crandles tracked this over a year ago in Johnny’s bedroom. It was originally written as a ballad before the lads decided to stop being sooks.


Mason showed Johnny a phone memo he had done on a piano in his backyard at the time. Once again, this tune started a lot slower where DMA’s gathered around the Newtown living room and nutted out the change that is the chorus. The drum loop is taken from the demo where we didn’t bother to mute the speaks and the vocal delay leaked into the beat.


‘Delete’ was a song Mason had written when he was 19. Tommy was instantly fond of this tune and was determined to demo it. Johnny wanted the track to escalate into an anarchy of noise. While we were asleep on the couch, Mason was in his room writing the final melody. Aspects of ‘Delete’ from the demo were also dropped into the final recording. Doing this kept some of the initial vibe of the demo that we felt attached to.

DMA’s EP Tour – May 2014

Thursday 22nd May, Sydney | Goodgod (18+ only)
Tickets via / 1300 762 545

Friday 23rd May, Melbourne | Shebeen (18+ only)
Tickets via / 1300 724 867

Friday 30th May, Brisbane | Black Bear Lodge (18+ only)
Tickets via / 1300 762 545