Die Verboten: The Soulwax, Riton Super Group Speak Out

Die Verboten; Soulwax and Riton’s krautrock super group have had many an eager balearic loving fan patiently waiting for what is undoubtedly going to one the grooviest outputs of any “super group” past or present.

With an LP worth of recordings under their speedoes after two sweaty Ibiza summers of recording in the sun Fergus or “Fergadelic” as he’s known to his homeboys let a bunch of interesting deets trickle in an interview with FACT mag.

Here’s a gaggle which will help you get up to speed and allow you to be an active contributor next time a Die Verboten conversation waves into your world.

– On recording in Ibiza: “We had a mini studio set up by the pool outside, with a mixing desk, synths, sequencers, guitars, drums, etc. Just a stripped back version of all the stuff we normally use in the studio in Ghent. We’ve done it two years in a row now and it’s always really fun.”

– On experimentation: “The whole experience is an experiment, in fact. We never sit down and write a song and then learn it and then record it. I think of it as posh jamming! The only thing that we’ve sampled so far is ourselves; in that we record live elements and then take the best bits of those and manipulate them and collage them together – it’s in this way that the tracks are built up.”

– The name?: “I think it was Steph who came up with that. Our decision-making tends to be very harmonious so all the ideas could have come from any of us. We get into the mode where we think with one mind.’

– Future releases?: “An album’s worth of music, this will come out later in the year after that first 12′ and a film on a DVD that will be called Die Verboten Disc.”

– Live show?: “We’re not ruling live stuff out, but just as we’ve recording in interesting ways, we’d like to play in an unusual environment. It’s not that we’re keeping things secret; it’s more that there are so many factors to get right, we’d rather work behind the scenes quietly to resolve these and then unleash something awesome!’

Can’t wait for the DVD? Their “Live In Eivissa” 12 inch is available here housed in pyramid shaped packaging or as Ferg would put it;

“For the 12”, we’re going to package it in a folding cardboard pyramid, that should be pretty tasty and whose geometric configuration is designed to focus deep Cosmic powers on the vinyl housed inside.’

Read the full interview on FACT.