As you’re probably aware the launch of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories album at the Wee Waa Show in NSW is only a week away. Alongside our generous pals at Contiki, we offered you a VIP package to the most talked about album listening party in the world and today is the big day we announce who got lucky. All of this, for the potentially embarrassing price of telling us about your most unlucky moment ever in the hopes we’d turn your fortunes around.

That person is Adam Copp of New South Wales who “went to see Daft Punk live in ’08 and the moron security guard scanned my ticket twice without looking and then claimed it had already gone through and was a fake. He then escorted me off the premises.”

Congratulations Adam!

For $300 and minimum effort you can still purchase a hassle-free Contiki package which nets you and your mates return transfers from Sydney, tepee
accommodation at the Seplin Estate
Winery, and of course, your ticket to the Wee Waa Show. If being among
the first people to hear the new Daft Punk album is something which is
personally important to you, this is an absolute must.

This one goes out to Adam.