In extremely happy Friday news, Triple J‘s breakfast lads Ben & Liam have confirmed that Denzel Curry‘s huge Like A Version cover of Rage Against The Machine classic “Bulls On Parade” will be available to stream / download today.

No longer do you have to head to YouTube every time you want a taste of Denzel’s 11/10 banger, with the boys saying that as of today it will be on Spotify, Apple Music and available to download as well.

Exactly a month ago, the Floridian rapper blew our collective minds when he took on the iconic 1996 anti-war anthem in the Like A Version studio, with the cover hitting global headlines and setting the bar extremely high for all other Like A Version participants until the end of time.

As we said back in Feb, it’s not often that you get the best LaV of the year so early in the piece, but here we are.

Rage Against The Machine’s epic Bulls On Parade has quite the history here in Australia, with the song copping its live debut right here at Sydney‘s Big Day Out festival on January 25, 1996. The film clips features footage from that performance as well as their Hordern Pavilion show from the following night.

In the meantime, to get Denzel’s cover on your device, you know where to go. And to reminisce via video, here it is:

Image: Triple J