Delta Goodrem Bolsters ‘Indie Cred,’ Spins Chair For Lorde At Goodgod

Your best gal pal Delta Goodrem killed two of Eva Cassidy’s songbirds with one precious stone [a diamonte] last night by making an appearance at Goodgod Small Club to support the sold-out show of burgeoning New Zealand vocalist Lorde [Ella Yellich-O’Connor, 16]. In doing so, Delta spun her chair in the direction of both certified talent and bolstered ‘indie credibility’ (if that’s even a thing) which sadly took a syncopated beating this time last year.

According to A. Source, “Delta was bopping along to Lorde in all black leather everything standing stage left, posing for photos with fans (as much as the Venn Diagram of Goodgod/Lorde/Delta fans allows) and chilling with an entourage of about five, including a tall and handsome Adam Levine lookalike whom we are yet to confirm was actually Adam Levine [coincidentally a judge on The Voice US]. 
He did not, however, have movies like Jagger.”
In related news, earlier this week Delta put her Louboutin in it again
‘It’ being her mouth; her foot was in her mouth, twice in as many months. 
Anyway. Here’s Lorde’s great new video.
Photo: Ryan Pierse via Getty