Death Of POPE Benefits Sydney Music

How’s THAT for a misleading headline? But seriously. In light of this and this the death of the POPE Place of Public Entertainment Licenses is a live music Godsend.

Announced today, the New South Wales Office Of Liquor, Gambling and Racing (sounds like a fun place to work right?) will abolish Place of Public Entertainment Licenses in NSW come October 26th. Or straight from the horse’s mouth: “From Monday 26 October 2009 the NSW Government will abolish Place of Public Entertainment Licenses (POPE) required for local venues to play live music. These reforms will make it easier for licensed venues to host live entertainment and music.”

Meaning from October 26, pubs, restaurants and clubs won’t require separate licenses for Entertainment and Hospitality. This of course, makes way for crazy, awesome, ear bleeding culinary experiences. Would you like those dumplings with a side of live Swedish Death Metal? I think you already know the answer.