Until today, I would have told you that the greatest cultural artefact produced by the music world was this photo of Death Grips with Beyoncé and Robert Pattinson:

While it has a somewhat mundane explanation, it’s still an incredibly implausible, dissonant image. Zach Hill and Stefan Burnett are incredibly inaccessible figures, they’ve seemingly made a conscious effort to project an image of themselves as unapproachable and unrelatable — they do not want to be your friends. To see them alongside such bubblegum-y celebs is hilarious, especially in the case of Burnett, who had the good graces to not smile even a bit.

It’s hard to imagine how this image could ever be outdone in sheer talismanic power, but I reckon Hill hanging out in the background of a Katy Perry Instagram story waiting to vote in the midterms might well equal it, if not outdo it.

This incredible occurrence was first spotted by Twitter user @LeVarBurzum (an extremely high-level pun):

From even a cursory glance, it’s definitely him: the unfathomably tight jeans, the casually muscular biceps, the slightly out of place running shoes, the resting disapproval face. Backing this up, we have Death Grips retweeting this from their official account:

Katy Perry’s Voting Instagram Story Has A Surprise Cameo From Death Grips

We also have Zach Hill’s partner posting it to her Instagram story, with a few stickers added for good measure:

Katy Perry’s Voting Instagram Story Has A Surprise Cameo From Death Grips

The weirdest thing about all this? Apparently, Kevin Smith was there as well:

Only in LA babey!!!!

Bonus content: There has never been a better time for you to watch this video of Zach Hill going absolutely fucking ham playing Side Yr On live with Wavves.

What a powerhouse.

Image: Instagram / Katy Perry