Death Cab For Cutie Apologise For Sex Hack But No One Regrets #DeathCabForBooty

ICYMI, a couple of hours ago American alt-rock band Death Cab For Cutie‘s Facebook page was hacked.

The pranksters thought it would be super LOL to post about sexual positions and attribute it to the boys with the tagline “Learn It” ‘cos TEEHEEHEEHEE SEX.
Almost immediately, some genius commented with #DeathCabForBooty which, let’s face it, deserves a fucking round of applause.
About an hour ago, DCFC posted an apology to its Facebook page, reassuring fans there will be absolutely no more XXX posts from their end.

DCfC’s Facebook was hacked this evening and explicit content was posted to the page. The account is now secure and fans will not be subjected to these kind of posts in the future. Our sincere apologies.

Posted by Death Cab for Cutie on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Except no one minded.

In fact, all fans really want to do is keep the #DeathCabForBooty hashtag alive.
May it live on 4eva.
Image via Facebook.