Well, this morn’s just chock-a-block with music news, innit? First we had the Listen Out lineup, and now the real news: ya boy Deadmau5 is coming back to Australia to head up the Sensation Music Festival in November.

Sensation have promised three massive acts dropping Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday…. and they’ve certainly fit the bill for the Tuesday part of that arrangement.
Deadmau5 last played in Australia three years ago. It looks like this’ll be the first time or golden shores are graced with his new Cube 2.1 stage show too, so that’s a bit nice.
Does Sensation sound a little familiar? Well, the festival has been to Australia before – but not for a little while. The brainchild of Dutch dance festival heavyweights ID&T, Sensation ushered in the New Year in 2009 and 2010 in Melbourne.
This time it’s a Sydney-only thing – hitting Sydney Olympic Park on November 25. Booya.
Photo: Getty Images.