At Playground Weekender Pedestrian caught up with one third of De La Soul’s holy hiphop trinity Maseo AKA Plug Three who gave us the lowdown on the legendary outfit’s eighth studio album.

“Definitely looking to put out a new album. We’re definitely gonna come out with Art Official Intelligence part three – the fans have been yearning for that. So we’re gonna put out music and we’re gonna continue to tour. That’s all we do!” We asked Maseo when to expect the album to which he replied, “we will promise you a record this year. I can’t actually give you a date and time,” but goes on to say they are aiming for the US spring/summer – so our psychic powers interpret that to mean some time around the June equinox*.

Watch the footage below and just try to make it through without imaging hugging him.

*Baseless estimate.

Now here’s a few gratuitous stills.