Dash Cam Catches Cop’s Flawless ‘Shake It Off’ Lip-Sync

We tossed up whether or not to even post this, given that the sheer ubiquity of ‘Shake It Off’ is enough to test the patience of even the most hardcore Swifties, but then we decided to go with our hearts, because it’s just too good not to share.

As part of its DashCam Confessional series, a police department in Delaware has shared footage of a bald, burly and super sassy officer performing a flawless lip sync of the song while driving around in a patrol car.
His name is Officer Davis, and we kind of want to party with him 24/7. 
UPDATE: Aaaaaaaaaaand, the police department involved have now admitted to TMZ that the footage was not entirely that spontaneous
h/t MTV