Dappled Cities Do Ready Steady Cook

Though it lacks the mainstream appeal of Miss Australia on Master Chef Pedestrian is equally as excited about Dappled Cities swapping their guitars for spatulas on a forthcoming episode of Ready Steady Cook.

Back in mid-July eagle eyed Twitter users would have noticed this tweet on the Dappled Cities account: “So… Alex and Tim just finished filming their episode of ready steady cook. Tim’s squid salad looked delicious. Alex’s Jalapeno Poppers? Mm”

Squid Salad and Jalapeno Poppers? Yes please. Since then we’ve subjected ourselves to the wonders of daytime television (the horror, the horror) hoping to get a glimpse of young Alex and Tim mixing it up with Ready Steady Cook’s way too enthusiastic host, Peter Everett. But to no avail.

Thankfully, for our daytime sanity, Pedestrian can now confirm that Dappled Cities’ Ready Steady Cook episode will air on Wednesday 9th December at 2pm on Channel Ten. Have your cravats and TiVo remote at the ready.