Daniel Boud Shoots Sydney’s Finest

Timeout lensman Daniel Boud captured a class photo of almost 80 Sydney musicians which equates to roughly 70 pairs of skinny jeans and 40 pairs of wayfarers to commemorate the upcoming FBi fundraiser gigs. Of course the above class photo will only vaguely resemble yours if you happened to attend the David Bowie School Of Indie.

The fun didn’t stop there however. Boud also crafted a long horizontal image consisting of a “Hands Across America” style show of solidarity by way of holding hands.

Boud says of the sprawling composite image: “The next set up i decided to do a really long photo, inspired partly by this photo by Garry Trinh of people queuing for The Strokes tickets. I had everyone stand in line together and hold hands with the person next to them. The hand holding was to signify unity, but mainly as a way to loosen people up. They’d be made so uncomfortable by holding a strangers hand that they’d relax a bit for the picture.