Danger Mouse’s ‘Rome’ Gets Experiential, Offers Free Coffee

Danger Mouse‘s Rome, a collaboration with Italian composer Daniele Luppi featuring Norah Jones and Jack White drops next week, but label EMI have gone all out to make sure fans can experience it in a variety of cool ways before then.

First comes ‘3 Dreams Of Black’, an interactive web experience by Chris Milk, who you may remember as the man who did the completely awesome Wilderness Downtown project for Arcade Fire. Like that project, it utilises HTML5 elements and can only be viewed on Google Chrome. Apparently it’s full of ‘easter eggs’ and you can play it multiple times before you discover everything. Check it out and have your mind blown -again- over at Ro.me.

For Sydney-siders, there’s still one more day of the Danger Mouse Pop Up Coffee Shop, which finishes tomorrow. Just head down to the Winery in Surry Hills between 9 and 11am, check in on Facebook or Foursquare and grab a free coffee (and heart-shaped chocolates) while listening to the album in full. Believe us, they make good Danger Macchiatos.

via The In Sound From Way Out