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Most Aussies have spent a good chunk of the year watching watching state premiers give daily coronavirus updates on TV, with a cult of personality rising around Victorian Premier Dan Andrews in particular.

It’s a lot to take in, especially now that the Melbourne’s in Stage 4 restrictions. Thankfully, some genius has put a decidedly chill twist on this otherwise grim reality.

To soothe our locked down souls, we now have almost eight hours straight of Dan Andrews’ daily coronavirus announcements set to a vibacious lo-fi backing track.

The video combines all of Andrews’ daily announcements from July 24 all the way up to Sunday’s “State of Disaster” announcement, and… it kind of works.

It’s not just some lazy mashup of music and voice. The two really do go together, and listening in the background is making me disassociate as I write this sentence right now.

The creator, for their part, reckons the video isn’t taking the piss out of the situation but rather serves as some kind of trippy archive of what we’re going through. That latter point might be a stretch, but their intentions are clearly well-meaning.

“This isn’t supposed to be a mockery or degrading in anyway, it’s devastating the deaths and spread of this virus in Australia,” they said in the video’s description..

“This was mostly made for archival purposes and as an alternative way to get the latest update.”

Archival as it may (or may not) be, the video is also quite handy for the here and now, just as a quick way to zone out of the stress of the current news cycle.

Image: YouTube / Memeiva