Daito Manabe Face Twitches Across Australia

If you missed Kirin and Ksubi’s Big In Japan bash last year, do your imagination a favour and check out the work of DJ, composer and media artist Daito Manabe. We’d try to explain what he does using words but we’ve no idea how it works so just watch his face twitching, beat glitching performance art below.

As you can see, each sound corresponds with an electrical thingy-ma-bob attached to Manabe’s face which leads us to assume two things 1) The performance is all the more visceral when experienced live 2) Accidentally playing Pendulum could be fatal. Thankfully for Australian residents seeking mind expansion Manabe is performing at Melbourne’s Loop tonight and Sydney’s Beach Road Hotel tomorrow so if you know what’s good for you hop along to his shows this weekend.

While you’re here check out Manabe’s commercial work as part of the Nike Music Shoes viral that blew up the internet earlier this week.