Daisy Lowe Makes Film Debut

Lets play “spot the reference” shall we? OK here we go. British band Noah And The Whale, who derive their name from an amalgam of filmmaker Noah Baumbach and his breakout work “The Squid And The Whale” have made a film titled “The First Days of Spring” which besides being a Salvador Dali painting is also the name of their forthcoming album. Sweet, hear that whooshing? That’s the sound of your brain decompressing.

Charlie Fink the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist wrote and directed the film with the intention that it run for the entirety of the new album. We’re unsure whether this means it’s an extended film clip but the presence of fireworks, cigarettes, fixies, typewriters, nature shots and an indie soundtrack leads us to believe that whether it’s a film with dialogue or not – the plaid set will watch in hordes. Daisy Lowe’s film debut shouldn’t hurt the cause either.

The First Days of Spring Official Trailer from charlie fink on Vimeo.

Who’s your favourite model/musician/artist/fashion designer/insert-creative-field-job-title-here turned actor?
Anthony Kiedis
Lily Cole
Snoop Dogg
David Bowie
Gemma Ward
Spike Jonze
Ice Cube
Mark Wahlberg
Quentin Tarantino
Jack White
Jeremy Scott
Andre 3000
Will Smith


In light of Daisy Lowe’s film debut we’re asking Pedestrian readers who their favourite model/singer/rapper/artist turned actor is. The below poll and its 15 options celebrates Absolut’s “In An Absolut World DJ’s Rock” nights which take place in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

For those who don’t know 15 DJs will be asked to produce and perform a 15 minute set with an aim to entertain, using what ever genre of music they desire. DJ’s must adhere to the 15 minute rule, not one second over will be allowed.

Each act will be judged [by members of the music industry] on imagination, creativeness and most importantly their ability to make people dance. In the past Absolut have chosen personalities that not only have a musical or performing background but whom also have ability to interact with the audience.

At the end of the evening the performers will be judged by crowd participation and whoever produced the best 15 minute set. The winner will receive a series of prizes including $1000 to be donated to a charity of their choice, plus $1000 for themselves a flight to Sydney for the final and of course the pride of being crowned 2009 IAAW DJ’S ROCK winner.

You need to RSVP or you won’t get in so click here for Sydney, click here for Melbourne and click here for Perth to reserve your place at the Absolut 15 party.

For the chance to win VIP tickets just let us know who your favourite creative turned actor is by voting in the poll above!