Daft Punk’s OG Drum Machine Is Up For Sale, If You’ve Got Heaps Of Money

We’ve reached the halfway mark of the year and are yet to hear a peep out of the Daft Punk camp regarding the long-held rumour that in the vein of their ‘Alive‘ tours in 1997 and 2007, we’d be seeing a 2017 iteration of some kind, so until then you’re going to have to sort out a Daft Punk fix on your lonesome, and why not do so with the original drum machine used by the electronic duo, which has just been put up for auction.
Originally owned by one half of the robot duo, Thomas Bangalter, the TR-909 Rhythm Composer has been in the possession of French collectors group Vintage & Analogue Occassion who after a “long thought” have decided to sell it off, for presumably some big dollarydoos.
It’s not just the calcified dead skin and sweat remnants from Daft Pank you’d be purchasing though, with the drum machine still containing the presets from ‘Revolution 909‘, a 1996-era tune.
Here’s a vid of the old boy doing it’s beat-making thang:
Now I couldn’t even properly estimate how much one of these things cost straight from a store, but considering it’s been blessed with use from one of the world’s most influential musical outfits of all time, you’d reckon it’s gonna go for a shit tonne.
Also if it helps, Daft Punk without their helmets were hundo percent babes back when they would have first been fiddling with this thing. Not sure if it helps your interest, but it sure does mine. Hello boys:
Photos: Daft Punk.