Daft Punk’s New Album ‘Random Access Memories’ Due May 17th, Available For Pre-Order

More good news on the Disco Revival front: the long awaited fourth full-length Daft Punk album has a title – Random Access Memories – and a tentative release date in May 17th. RAM is currently available for pre-order on the Australian iTunes store for $16.99, some four days before its release in the States. As we all learned this week, you’ll be paying more for the privilege of that first legal purchase and listen; you win some, you lose some.

Random Access Memories is thirteen tracks long, each varying in length from an airplay friendly 3:48 to the Timberlake-preferred métier of 9:04, weighing in at a total running time of 74:40.
Previous reports about the album have suggested that the enigmatic French duo worked with legendary producers Giorgio Moroder and Nile Rodgers on the album, which was finally registered with Sony less than a week ago and promises a return to the “futuristic disco-funk explorations and visually arresting performances” not seen since 2010’s Tron Legacy soundtrack and 2005’s Human After All.

Our bodies are ready.
Here’s the highly-informative track-listing.
UPDATE: Head to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories website, shared just now via their Facebook page, for another snippet of new music. Something about getting funky, something else about being about to get funky. Sounds good.

01 4:34
02 5:21
03 9:04
04 3:48
05 5:37
06 5:53
07 8:18
08 6:07
09 4:50
10 5:41
11 4:39
12 4:11
13 6:21

And a tease of some new material.