Daft Punk Produce New Music Video

Despite Daft Punk’s touring hiatus since finishing up their Alive tour a year and half or so ago, Thomas and Guy haven’t stopped working. Their production company Daft Arts recently dropped their latest creation, a beautifully shot slow motion heavy music video for Douglas Armour’s “Flushed & Flamelike, Themselves” directed by Bryce Kass. It’s pretty amazing, it kind of makes me want to go lose myself in the outback.

Douglas Armour “Flushed & Flamelike, Themselves” from daft arts on Vimeo.

Talking about Daft Punk, the World’s two greatest robots just dropped their first interview in a long time to contemporary art and lifestyle mag; Whitewall. It’s extremely interesting, it offers an insight into the collective minds of the one of most influential music acts of all time. Definitely a worthy way to waste your time. Click here – page 90.