The mystically mirage-esque fourth album from Daft Punk is almost certainly not the biggest internet hoax of all time with the clearest proof yet that the album is recorded, mixed, mastered, and copyright protected after a screen shot of the band’s PPL registration leaking online. Much like APRA as a means of legally authenticating material, the account screenshot indicates the industry’s buzziest beat-makers have registered 13 brand new tracks totaling almost 75 minutes in length.

With over half the listed tracks smashing the 5 minute barrier, can eager fans expect a return to seminal genre defining epic-electro-banger Homework days? Rollin’ and Scratchin’ 2? Yes please!

Still no release dates but we’re not just talking about a possible new single, TV commercial, or vague poster campaign. THE NEW DAFT PUNK ALBUM IS IN THE CAN. That’s pretty exciting.

via EDM