Cut Copy Debut New Single Via 6 Obscure Interactive Billboards Across Globe

Sticking to their trend of eschewing traditional release methods, like, oh, chucking a track on iTunes, Australian band Cut Copy have released their latest track via exceedingly inaccessible means.
Cut Copy posted this mysterious update on Twitter, 

with their website landing squarely on this:

Shown are six billboards across the world in Mexico City, Detroit, the UK, Chile, Australia and the Californian Desert. What cruel game are you playing at, Cut Copy? The band further elaborated, explaining the concept: in order to hear their new single “Free Your Mind” fans must travel to one of the six billboards, whip out their smart phone, turn their geo location on, head to and turn the volume up to hear the single. It’s just so simple.
The exact locations around the world are listed below, if any of our readers have headed OS and want an exclusive slice of Cut Copy:
Mexico City: 19.418546,-99.15799 
Chile: -33.451665,-70.880318
Australia: -30.640834,116.008871 
UK: 51.763050,-3.159950 
Detroit:  42.331225,-83.066366
California Desert: 33.921089, -116.761205
The Australian location is inexplicably in Moora, Western Australia, housing a tiny population of 1800 and whose wikipedia page tells us that one of its biggest tourist attractions is its murals. Any pedestrian readers near Moora want to check out the Cut Copy billboard and holla back at us?
UPDATE: a reader has pointed us in the direction of a link where you can listen to the track in full. Kind of ruins that whole concept…?
Via Pitchfork.