Crying ‘Cus You’re Not At Coachella? Laugh At These Fest Memes Instead

If you haven’t been living under a very peaceful isolated rock, you’ll know that this weekend the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is happening in Indio, California, and if you’re not there ATM you’re probably pretty pissed off at the amount of amazing photos, videos and live music performances coming out of that goddamn desert. 
To help you ease your major FOMO, we’ve compiled a bunch of memes that create humour at the expense of the lucky b*tches that get to be there. Voilà, amigos.

1. The ‘First year at Coachella’ starter pack

“can you like get us into neon carnival it’s a literal dream of mine like personally” (Collab with @cammakid)

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Photo: Instagram / @mo_wad 

2. The ‘Coachella Becky Doll’

Lol this is so cute! #coachella2016

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Photo: Instagram / @versace_tamagotchi

3. The ‘Ron Swanson FOMO feels’

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4. The ‘They don’t want you to have this lineup’ fake lineup

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5. The ‘Indie for a weekend’ transformation

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6. The ‘Important Public Service Announcement’

Photo: Instagram / @babewalker

7. The ‘Obamachella party’

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8. And lastly, these beautiful Green Day lyrics.

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Party onnnn.