Cross Talk: New Navy Vs. Flume

In “Cross Talk” we take two entities who have worked together then make them discuss working together. Today we examine the remixer/remixee relationship enjoyed by bedroom producer Flume and Sydney four-piece New Navy

New Navy – “Zimbabwe” (Flume Remix) free download

What were your first impressions of each other?

Flume: The second I saw New Navy’s “Zimbabwe” film clip I figured these guys are some seriously chilling dudes. Hanging out in the sand dunes, equipped with guitars, seashell shakers and a fair bit of facial hair. It was there and then I realised I needed to get my hands on the stems to remix this super upbeat, killer of a track.

New Navy (Jamie): I’m pretty sure I first heard Flume on Triple J. It’s not often that I hang out to hear the back announcement to find out who it was, particularly an electronic artist. I think it was “Sleepless”, whatever it was it made me bop my head with a smile.

New Navy (James): After hearing ‘Sleepless’ make love to our ear drums on the first date we thought to ourselves this has to be the work of some kind of electro/chop/pop seasoned pro, until we found out the kid was only 19. He is now known to us as ‘the whipper snapper’. We wish he were our son and are hoping he will impress the pants off us a little more when we join forces at the Oxford art factory on the 5th November.

What is your favourite part about the other person’s music?

Flume: It’s got to be the large variety of percussive elements they often use in their tracks. It keeps the music sounding really fresh and unique. You don’t hear many crazy percussion breakdowns in electronic music, mainly due to the fact that its not an easy thing to do on a computer. Working with these kinds of elements made the remixing experience great fun. More Sea shell shakers please.

New Navy (Jamie): Umm..the sweet guitar lick in his “Zimbabwe” remix? My favourite thing I guess is the overall vibe of his music, it sits comfortably between genres. Chilled but not boring, danceable but not hectic. It’s like electronica, disco, hip hop, chillwave and dubstep had an orgy. Haha, an indie guitarist trying to describe dance music… I have no idea.

What is your least favourite part about the other person’s music?

Flume: I must admit, New Navy’s latest EP is pretty banging. They have carved out their own breed of indie pop which people all over Australia (and the world) are loving. Only problem is, if they want ‘next level beats’, they’re gonna need a little more from those seashell shakers. OK boys I have something to show you. It’s called a synthesizer. Ditch that guitar and pick up the keytar, chicks go wild for that kind of shit.

New Navy (Jamie): To be honest, I can’t actually think of anything… Which is pretty unusual for me! I must really like it.

New Navy (James): Probably knowing that he could take our songs and make people krump to them. Something we are still trying to perfect. And that there is no full length to illegally download.

Whose stems would you kill to get your hands on?

Flume: There’s a few, but at the top of the list would have to be Gold Panda. I’m actually listening to his album Companion at the moment and some of the sounds and textures he uses in his tracks are seriously cool. Take ‘Quitters Raga’ for example, it sounds like he recorded a room tone, compressed it to oblivion, and eventually ended up with this super intense vinyl crackle sounding effect. Anyone reading this should go check it out.

Who else would you like to remix your tracks?

New Navy (James): Dr. Dre because he’s got a crib with a studio and it’s all full o’ tracks to add to the wall full o’ plaques hangin’ up in the office and back of my house like trophies. Did y’all think I’m ‘a let my dough freeze? Ho, please. Etc.

Purchase Flume’s remix here.
Purchase New Navy’s debut EP here.

Title Image Provided by New Navy