Creating Vibe With Goons Of Doom

Surf/punk/art/party collective Goons Of Doom hail from the beaches of Northern Sydney, but they recently journeyed up to Byron Bay for a creative sabbatical at La Casa Artist Residency, a beach front recording studio-cum-chill pad for artists, musicians, designers and surfers. Check out the footage below of the Goons creating art, music, mayhem and, in particular, vibe. “The best thing we created was the vibe,” is what we were informed, direct from the horses mouth. Read all about it…

How was your time staying at La Casa? I’d imagine our time at La Casa was not unlike the Garden of Eden pre that whole “snake, apple, betrayal of God” scene going down. We’d wake up fresh faced and eager for the new day, do an hour or two of naked yoghurt, pick delicious fresh fruits from the mango daiquiri vine out back, and then get down to the serious business of chanting mantras. After that we might surf for an hour or six and then late in the evening we’d record music. It was life as life should be, completely uncomplicated by things like worrying about where your next beer is coming from.

Bottomless supplies of Corona and 20-second access to the beach is pretty distracting. How do you manage to be productive under such trying circumstances? We recorded 20 songs in six days, a double album, which we’ll be calling Strange Things Happen. It was a very productive time, not hampered but actually helped by the fact we had unlimited supply of beer and surf. In fact, when we weren’t surfing or recording or drinking, we were down at the markets manning a falafel stand. We made $26 but sadly we ran out of hummous.

What’s the best thing you created during the stay? The best thing we created was the vibe. Every night was just a rich fun free-for-all drop-in party with random guests and friends stopping by and laying down music. I think for one song we had members from The Vines, Wolfmother, the Resin Dogs, Mt Warning, Old Man River, Fait Accompli, Mylie and the Milkshakes, Bec & Ben, Sherlock’s Daughter, Dune Rats, Pirates Alive, TFP, The Tractor Beams, Red Riders and Dogbuoy all jamming and laying down tracks. The song was called Kill the Band. The next night 12 girls from town came in and did backing vocals on a song called Anti Bad-Vibe Shield. We didn’t use any but we told them they’d be famous. The vibe was incredible. Definitely the best thing we created by far.

This was Ozzie’s second stint at La Casa. Can they even try to keep the guy away? Free beer + good waves = Ozzie moving in.

Will the Goons be playing and touring much in 2013? Are you kidding? Did you not see that 2013 is the year of the Goon in the Eastern Turkish Horrorscopes. We have big plans. Release Strange Things Happen on Napster then play all the summer festivals like Narrabeen and Newport Markets. We can’t play Mona Vale pub anymore because we got a lifetime ban from there two weeks ago because kids were crowd surfing and stage diving. Pretty bummed cause the live music scene on the beaches is fucking rancid. Anyway check out our instagoon for dates.

What else does the band have coming up – any collaborations or recording in the pipeline? We’ve been asking for La Casa to have us back but I think they’re only allowed one pallet of Corona a month. So I guess until we can get it happening we’ll just paint and drink and surf and write our shitty songs that only the coolest people in the entire world understand and love.

Which of these are you most powerless against: Waves, beers, tunes or girls? A love for all four in equal measure generally makes us more powerful, not less. x