Crack Out Yer Button-Ups, The Shins Are Returning With A Record In ’17

You might not have really thought about The Shins since around the time that ‘Garden State‘ came out, and you wouldn’t be blamed for doing so.
Thrust into the limelight thanks largely to Zach Braff, The Shins have been delighting a demographic of what could mostly be described as “cool nerds” with a 1-2 punch of whimsical, danceable indie pop music and extremely melancholy lyrics.
If, however, like me, you’ve been bunging on ‘Australia‘ every time you start day drinking or bunging on ‘A Comet Appears‘ every time you start sad drinking, it’s time to get stoked because they’re finally releasing a follow up to 2012’s ‘Port Of Morrow‘.
James Mercer, their excruciatingly handsome and charming frontman, told a Portland radio station they’re expecting a release early next year, hopefully in January.
Mercer reckons the record will be a corker:
“I’m really excited about this record… I think we’ve got something that Shins fans will really love, and I think there’s some other things on there that are different enough. I made a concerted effort on certain songs to fit the palette, to use the palette that I’ve used historically for the band. 

“I think it’s really strong. I think lyrically, I’m better than I ever was. And I think my songwriting is stronger than it ever was.”
I personally will be wincing the nights away until it arrives.
To tide you over for now, here’s the band performing a song about never wiping your butt:
Source: Vulture.