As far as reasons for having to cover a mate’s shift at the last minute go, them having to rush to the hospital because their child is being born sure beats the piss out of “ah shit mate help us out hey, I had too many beers last night and I can’t stop throwing up me guts“.

So who does karaoke enthusiast James Corden get to fill in for him on the Late Late Show when he’s too busy watching his new child emerge into the world in an explosion of noise and goop? Duh, it’s former One Directioner Harry Styles.

Corden had to pull out from the show shortly before he was due to go on after his wife Julia Carey went into labour. According to tweets from Corden and the show’s executive producer, Styles was given about two and a half hours notice that he would be hosting the show and didn’t have time to prepare.

As Styles said in his opening monologue, Carey gave birth just before the show went live:

This is very exciting, just half an hour ago, James and his wife Jules had a beautiful baby girl. In fact, I was just at the hospital before I came to fill in and she looked a lot like James… mainly because James looks like a giant baby. 

I want you to know that I, of course, realise this is James’ show and this is a one time only, one-time thing. One time. Unless CBS likes what they see.

I’m taking this story to mean that Harry Styles is just sitting around all the time waiting for the call to fill in for people, and that the next time I can’t be arsed getting out of bed and going to work, I can just shoot him a text. What a legend.

Presumably, Louis Tomlinson was too busy corralling millions of fans into Twitter attacks swarms.

Image: Twitter / The Late Late Show