Many saw this was coming (but hoped it wasn’t true), but unfortunately it’s now official: Kanye West has cancelled the remaining 21 dates for his ‘Saint Pablo‘ tour in the US. 

The only notice given regarding the cancellation is from Ticketmaster and Live Nation. A representative for Kanye also confirmed the cancellation to Rolling Stone. 

Yesterday, we published a story after he cancelled Sunday night’s show at The Forum in Los Angeles, which delved into the fact that most media are saying this is stock-standard OTT Kanye behaviour, but his fans are becoming legitimately worried for his mental health and wellbeing. 

The show in LA was supposed to make up for a previous show, which was halted halfway through due to Ye completely losing his voice. 

Fans have become worried in the last week or so, after the rapper has became more erratic than usual; his rants about Donald Trump, Jay-Z and Beyoncé worried fans in the first place – they were disjointed, breathless, and inconsistent. 

Then, the show cancellations began. Not to mention that right after he cancelled his LA show, the uploads of old, bizarrely-framed, out-of-focus Maison Martin Margiela lookbooks to Instagram began; he posted 99 photos in less than 24 hours. 

While there’s plenty of fans are happy to blame this on Kanye‘s ego (a common scapegoat), it ain’t the case. Cancelling a major (not to mention well-received) national tour halfway through is far beyond ego – it’s very unlike him, and it’s concerning. 

Our heart honestly goes out to ya if you’re by chance holding a now-worthless ticket in your hand. It’s truly one of the most shithouse feelings; no matter the reason behind the cancellation, you can’t help but feel as though they let you down. 

But Ye doesn’t seem to be doing so crash-hot right now, and health always comes first. We’re hoping he rests up and gets the help and support he needs. 

Source: KanyeDaily

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty.