Conan O’Brien Covers Radiohead

Three of Pedestrian’s favourite things ever (Conan O’Brien, Radiohead, silly accents) dovetail with alarming precision in the below video, taken from Conan O’Brien’s traveling “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television” tour. Thankfully for fans of covers that are both terrible and genius everyone’s favourite self-deprecating ginger kicked off his comedy/music tour a couple of days ago in Eugene, Oregon where some opportunistic gawker filmed the band’s soundcheck number – Radiohead’s “Creep”.

Instead of channeling Thom Yorke’s pristine choir boy tenor O’Brien goes for the affected warble of a cockney chimney sweep, a really, really, really pained cockney chimney sweep. Make sure you watch til the end for a completely baller Helen Mirren shout out too!

Via 24 Bit