Glittering jewel of England Adele is finishing up her Australian tour with two shows in Melbourne, and her mission to bump everyone’s mum from the #1 spot on their list of favourite people is going swimmingly. 

She’s already tripped up the stairs, been delivered to the stage in a giant boxstopped her show to check on an unwell fan, and hinted that she has a secret Twitter exclusively for drunk Tweeting.

Last night, she gave us yet another gift: a Beyoncé tribute like no other. 

Segueing in from a moment of appreciation for the giant fan cooling her down in the 30C heat, Tottenham‘s brightest star/most gifted comic genius took a moment to bust out some fairly accurate ‘Crazy In Love‘ moves, punctuated by that signature cackle. She also makes the best use of a live video feed I’ve ever seen.

Check the footage out below:

Adele, you queen. Never change.


Image: Cameron Spencer / Getty.