Coldplay Once Asked Bowie For A Collab, He Iced Them Out Hard

It turns out that David Bowie felt roughly the same way about Coldplay as you do.
In the week and a half since the great man’s passing, musicians have shared memories of the time they worked with him / hung out with him backstage / saw him walking past on the street and it changed their lives forever.
In a recent NME interview, Will Champion and Jonny Buckland revealed that the band once wrote a song about a “Bowie-type character”, and sent him a letter asking if he’d lend his guest vocals to it.
His response? 

“It’s not a very good song, is it?”
DAMN. Coldplay somehow found the intestinal fortitude to continue as a band after that brutal Bowie burn, but it left a mark. “He was very discerning – he wouldn’t just put his name to anything. I’ll give him credit for that,” said Champion.
You can view the relevant portion of the interview below:
Story: NY Times
Photo: Jo Hale / Clemens Bilan / Getty