Donald Glover AirDropped His New Adidas Sneakers To Randoms At Coachella 

Donald Glover

We know surprises happen at Coachella but usually it’s the ‘X Brings Out Y At Coachella 2019’ not Donald Glover AirDropped randoms his new Adidas collab… but that’s exactly what happened.

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Unsuspecting festival-goers were pinged with an AirDrop request from someone claiming to be “Donald Glover”. Sure, you could brush this off as some sort of Fyre Fest scam and continue on your merry way but those who risked it for the biscuit, scored a new pair of shoes. Again, these weren’t just any average new kicks, they were Glover’s new collaboration with Adidas – the yet to be released ones.

Earlier this week, fans got a little look at the sneakers when they briefly appeared on social media before being promptly deleted. 

According to Complexpunters who accepted the request were instructed to head to the festival’s Vintage Market to claim the cream canvas Nizzas. 

Lucky bloke Sean McHugh told Complex: “In typical Glover/Gambino fashion, everything was subverted and random.” 

McHugh said he was walking past Vintage Market when he copped the AirDrop.

“Who says no to an AirDrop from Donald Glover?

 “I opened it and the instructions showed a picture of the shoes and to redeem them from the Vintage Market within 60 minutes.” 

The shoes also came with an itty-bitty contract, asking those who claimed the sneakers to “wear the shoes”, “come to the show” , and “keep them on all weekend.” 

Blisters, but still…

Meanwhile, Glover’s film Guava Island is now yours to stream after you sign up to Amazon Video PrimeThe movie is directed by Hiro Murai and stars Rihanna, Black Panthers’ Letitia Wright, and Game of Thrones’ Nonso Anozie.

Guava Island, described as a “tropical thriller”, tells the tale of a local musician determined to throw a festival for everyone to enjoy.

On Amazon Prime Video, the film currently holds a 4.7/5 star rating from 310 reviews.

You can tune in to Coachella’s YouTube livestream, HERE