Now that they’ve made their grand re-entrance into our lives, potentially through the sheer power of twenty-nine-scene alone, My Chemical Romance are being hotly rumoured to play at Coachella 2020. Hold the phone, hold the god damn phone.

Consequence of Sound has been keeping the music industry’s rumour mill in overdrive during the holiday season, and today added a little sprinkle of Big Emo Energy to the mix, reporting that the Black Parade is set to march its way into the Californian desert.

The 21st edition of the festival kicks off in the Coachella desert over April 10th-12th and April 17th-19th 2020, a couple of weeks after MCR headline Download Festival in Australia, their first shows on our shores since 2012.

MCR (potentially, fingers crossed) join already-confirmed Rage Against The Machine on the double-weekend and rumoured acts Frank Ocean, Travis ScottThom Yorke, Lana Del Rey,  and our very own boy Flume as the potentials to be lighting up the massive stages at Coachella 2020.

For real though, we’re expecting the official lineup to drop early in the new year, so keep your eyes peeled on whether the rumour mill is going to pin it right or not. Please, for the love of everything dark and emotionally-charged, for the love of my skintight jeans and maintaining nearly-translucent goth skin, let this be true.

Sorry but I’m absolutely already booking flights to LA. Something has clicked deep in my psyche. The need to buy kohl eyeliner and studded arm cuffs, growing. A sudden urge to packet-dye my hair black, cut in a huge fringe, and tell my parents they “just don’t understand me” has risen. I’m not OK, I promise.

Image: Getty Images / Jo Hale