The Country Music Association has been forced to defend itself after Beyoncé fans accused it of succumbing to racism for deleting all evidence of her performance with the Dixie Chicks at yesterday’s 50th Annual CMA Awards.

ICYMI yesterday, the holiest combination of pop and country the world didn’t know it needed – i.e. Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks – came together for an insanely good performance of Bey’s country hoedown, ‘Daddy Lessons‘.

Bey’s appearance at the CMAs had fans SHOOCK, for obvious reasons.

But it was also huge for the Dixie Chicks, who were basically ostracised from the country music scene after expressing their shame in 2003 that George W. Bush hailed from Texas. Lead vocalist Natalie Maines even clarified on Twitter that it was Bey who invited them to perform, not the other way round.

Unfortunately, country music fans succumbed to the worst stereotypes about country music fans and took issue with the performance, despite Beyoncé’s appearance bringing the CMAs its highest ratings to date.

They began bombarding the CMAs’ social media pages with garbage racism.

Within a couple hours, the CMAs made the situation ten times worst and deleted all evidence of Beyoncé’s performance.

The move had thousands of fans calling out the association for “using” Bey to boost its ratings but then succumbing to racist trolls.

Following this backlash, the CMAs quickly went into damage control and re-posted the evidence, as well as re-gramming one of Beyonce’s Instagram posts from the performance.

#Repost @beyonce #CMAawards50 ??? Daddy Lessons ft. Dixie Chicks

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It eventually released a statement via E! News claiming the deletion of an Instagram post was due to unapproved promo material.

“CMA has not erased any mentions of Beyonce’s performance on the CMA Awards. In advance of the broadcast, CMA removed a five-second promotional clip from and CMA’s Facebook page. The promo was unapproved and CMA removed it prior to the broadcast. Beyonce’s performance with Dixie Chicks was a highlight of the evening and we are continuing to share the amazing full-length performance clip via our official social channels.”

The Dixie Chicks are having none of it.

Turn it up:

Beyoncé has yet to comment on the controversy, but tbh, racists trying to accuse her of ‘reverse racism’ for daring to talk about the well-documented police brutality against African Americans is something she deals with pretty much on the daily. Direhard CMA fans / dickweeds can go shave their backs now.

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