Cloud Control have won the 2011 Australian Music Prize for their lauded debut LP, Bliss Release. The Blue Mountains quartet beat out the likes of Pikelet, Dan Kelly, Richard In Your Mind, Tame Impala, Sally Seltmann, Gareth Liddiard, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and The Holidays whose Post Paradise already won the AMP’s Red Bull Award for Best Debut Release (obviously not the best debut in judges’ eyes, but maybe you can’t win both awards for some reason that we’re currently unaware of).

The ceremony was held in Sydney last night and featured live performances by Oh Mercy, Pikelet and The Holidays. Cloud Control join previous AMP winners The Drones, Augie March, The Mess Hall, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Lisa Mitchell. Last year we hypothesized that J Award and ARIA Album of the Year recipients were mutually exclusive to AMP winners. As of today that theory still holds true.