Client Liaison Are Doing A Sunday Sesh DJ Residency In Sydney Nek Month

Ring the party alarm, folks. Ring it excessively loud, right into all of your friend’s earholes until they scream.

It’s a worthy time, bc everyone’s favourite 80’s-nostalgia boi’s, Client Liaison, are holding a month-long DJ residency – which means maximum party vibes, alllllll Feb.

The gist is this. Sunday SundownMerivale‘s Sunday sesh summer event, which has seen the Coogee Pavilion in Sydney taken over by schmick bands doing everything from acoustic gigs to full-on party arvos – is back, and this time instead of hosting an array of talent, they’ve offered month-long DJ residency stints to a select few.

December was Miami Horror, Jan sees Linda Marigliano team up with SWICK, and Feb’s taking things out w/ a bang care of Client Liaison – who’re arguably the hottest shit around rn.

For four Sunday arvos, Client Liaison’ll bless you with tunes while you sip brewskis and other forms of alcohol on the Coogee Pav rooftop. Yes, plz.

The events are free and run on Sundays through Feb, from 5-7pm. You’d best believe these’ll max out capacity-wise, so our advice is to get there before 5pm.