It’s been a pretty sweet few weeks for Australian Childish Gambino fans, thanks to the announcement of his blockbuster arena tour, but old mate isn’t quite done dishing out the goods.

Donald Glover has just unveiled the Summer Pack EP, his first music since the game-changing This Is America, and it’s almost exactly what you need to crawl through the remnants of winter.

The first track, Summertime Magic, showcases old mate’s melodic skills over production which feels a hell of a lot like Jamie XX‘s later work.

Feels Like Summer captures a little of because the internet-era Gambino, cheers to that light keyboard line.

The tropical vibes are reinforced by cover art which heavily draws from Henri Matisse. What we’re getting at is this: if you are in need of some ~ sunny vibes ~ in the coldest dregs of the year, these tunes are probably your best bet.

Summer Pack may even make the pain of missing out on tickets to his November tour just a little easier to manage. Maybe.

Image: Paras Griffin / VMN18 / Getty Images