Child Star Sophia Grace Channels Rebecca Black In Auto Tune Anthem, “Best Friends”

That mouthy British girl you saw on Ellen one time, Rosie Grace Brownlee, has dropped the auto-tune dripping, girl power banger nobody truly asked for, called, “Best Friends”. Welcome to 2015, this is it.

The 11 year old — who’s growth has surely been stunted by childstardom, and who’s development will either get truly Lindsay’d, or perhaps Willow‘d in about five years, give or take— now adds viral youtube stardom to the list of whatever she actually does, as “Best Friends” steadily clocks views today. Before you treat yourself to a horrific, but albeit rather well-meaning viewing below, let’s look at the veritable poetry that has sprung from the mouth of this female-empowerment bae.

Hold me down, like no one else
Stupid boys come around
Me and my girls shut ’em down
Nobody can stop us now,
Gonna take ’em, we run this town 

It bares the sentiment of a song that M.I.A would have written when she was five, so, respect, I guess. An authority on the issue, Katy Perry, has given her blessings on the track, by retweeting: “this sophia grace go hard as fuck… goin for the throne” on twittter, and later adding:

The internet has been reacting to this drop wildly, from “Is Sophia Grace The Next Beyoncé?” to “The Best Rap video of 2015” – the former: how dare you, and the latter: the competition 8 days in is hardly rough, so, sure..?

Frankly, for a song called “Best Friends” it seems like one helluva low blow dealt from Sophia Grace to her apparently now former BFFL Rosie, the meeker partner in their duo, the overshadowed Ron to her Harry, who has nay a mention in this drop. Burn in point: “I’m your number one girl, I’m your best friend and I’ll always be there, right till the end.”

But more importantly, if we’re already thinking about the best rap video of 2015, which this of course will not be, we have to ask ourselves: is it a banger? ‘Fraid it is.