Chet Faker Has Some Epic Shit Planned For His Boiler Room Blow-Out

Ray-Ban’s #CAMPAIGN4CHANGE celebrates individuality and brings to life inspirational individuals as pioneers, trailblazers and rule breakers in their everyday lives. In keeping with this idea, they’ve partnered with Boiler Room and asked Chet Faker – inspirational pioneer/trailblazer/rule breaker in his own right – to curate their Melbourne event that’s going down on the 10th of November. To RSVP to this gig (read: go into the draw to win free tickets) then head over to Boiler Room’s website HERE. Be quick, kids – entries close this Saturday.

Ray Ban and Boiler Room invited Chet Faker to curate the living shit out their secret warehouse event in Melbourne on November 10. Stepping up to the challenge, he’s rallied an impressive squad of innovative music-makers to tear the city a new one. 

Faker’s performing a rare DJ set along side his mates Roland Tings, Harvey Sutherland and Marcus Marr.
“I felt like there’s a pretty consistent vibe across all those artists,” says Chet. 
“They all have an extra depth – a bit of funk to their music.”
Chet and Marus Marr just recently dropped their first single The Trouble With Us and are releasing their 4-track EP Work on December 4th
“Marcus is easily one of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with. He plays all the parts, all the instruments, he records, he writes it, he produces it, he mixes it and he masters it so there’s not one stage of music-making that he doesn’t do himself.”
Seeing as the soiree’s taking place in his childhood stomping-ground, Faker was extra incentivised to deliver something explosive.
“I wanted to do something special in my hometown of Melbourne – that was a big factor for me.”

“It’s hard to explain what it’s like playing in your hometown after traveling the world, but it’s always a nice feeling.”
Ray Ban’s #CAMPAIGN4CHANGE encourages people to embrace the living-crap out of their individuality. We asked Chet for some advice as to how one should navigate getting their noise out there, especially when it’s unique and capable of making a big change. 
“I feel like Australia in particular, a lot of artists have trouble – feeling like that have to fit in to a certain sound, whereas when I first put stuff out, I was coming out of a scene but it was a house scene – my music didn’t fit in at all. It’s very hard to see beyond your surroundings with that. 

“My advice is to believe that if you like it, there’s 7.2 billion people in the world, so there’s going to be some people who like it as well.” 

“If you want to impress your friends, impress your friends. But if you want to make music that you love, don’t worry if the people around you don’t love it, just keep doing it until you find someone who does.”

“I do believe that if it feels right to you, then that’s the most important thing.”
Just as this teaser-trailer indicates, the event’s going to be HUGE. 
The RBxBR series is an RSVP only affair – apply now via Boiler Room to be in with a chance of attending. Those lucky enough to gain access will be notified of the venue 48 hours before the event. Those not able to squeeze into the event can check out the live-stream on
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